Personal Response Paper to Richard Rodriguez: "None of This Is Fair"

Topics: Affirmative action, Black people, Employment Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Response to “None of This is Fair”
I enjoyed reading Richard Rodriguez’s essay, “None of This is Fair.” He clearly pointed out the irony of Affirmative Action and how although it was designed to give the underprivileged a standing chance, it ended up making it too easy to receive a job. Rodriguez talking to his friends, realized just how hard of a time they all had in looking for a suitable job, or in the case of one of his graduate friends, had to settle for a job in which he would be separated from his daughter. Rodriguez seems to be convincing himself that the only reason for his easy success was his credentials and accomplishments.

Toward the end of his essay during his conversation with his friend, it appears that he begins to realize that Affirmative Action did help him with his job searching. Rodriguez likely agrees that affirmative action is unfair. It also appeared that he was underplaying affirmative action’s role in his success in getting many job opportunities. He argued that racial integration and cultural diversity also were reasons that the schools wanted to hire him.

I disagree with affirmative action because in the job world, people should be indistinguishable besides the direct factors in indicating their job performance. My Aunt had lost several chances at getting nursing jobs only because the hospital had not reached its African American quota. Because the area did not have a substantial amount of Africans, the few applying minorities dominated the open positions. I believe that affirmative action does make job finding unfair for workers and that this law is used in a world that is too ethnically equal to be beneficial.

Rodriguez, Richard. "None of This Is Fair." N.d. Published Essay.
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