Affirmative Action

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  • Published : April 23, 2006
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Affirmative Action

Hello Class. Let me start off by saying that I support the Republican Party's ideas and values and I am a proud supporter of George W. bush. Do I have your attention now? good. Founded in 1974, the American Association for Affirmative Action, otherwise known as AAAA is a non profit organization that helps minorities achieve equal opportunity in the work force ( The problem with American today is that we are seen as different people because of our skin color, and a catalyst for this is in fact, Affirmative Action. Don't get me wrong, I personally feel as if diversity should definitely be introduced to every single job that this country has to offer, but the way hiring goes is what's wrong. Let me give you a brief history of this country. Back in 1776 America gained independence from England and in the next 180 years, everyone worked for where they were. In the late 1800 early 1900's immigrants from Italy and Ireland came to American in search for a better life and had to work for every dime they ever made. My grandfather had 13 children, and his hard work and dedication to educate him self made him the man he was. In my opinion, as soon as Affirmative Action began, this country lost its dog eats dog mentality when it came to self achievement.

As stated by, It demeans true minority achievement; example – Success is labeled as a result of affirmative action rather than hard work and ability. To me this deems so true. When it comes to getting a job, companies should not have to worry about pleasing the laws of this government when it comes to equal rights but instead should give jobs out to the more qualified people. I am not stating at all that all Caucasians are more qualified then African Americans, Hispanics, etc. I just think that the person who's most qualified, regardless of ethnic background or skin color should get the job, end of story. The first time I learned about...
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