Personal Response on Sexual Identity

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Gender, Sexual arousal Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Personal Response on Sexuality Identity
James DuJardin
Joanne Evans

At the beginning of this course I felt assured that I knew what I was taking and studying. I will explain, and in some cases reiterate, what has been said over the course of these nine weeks. I will say that I have liked this class the best out of my previous psychology classes. This class has helped me establish a better understanding of the nature of sexuality. Before this course I stated that I was a rationalist when it came to value systems and critical thinking on my sexual decision making and I still stand by this decision. I still make sure that I use the principals of critical thinking, which are: Be skeptical, examine definitions, examine the assumptions or premises of arguments, be cautious in drawing conclusions from evidence, consider alternative interpretations of research evidence, consider the kind of evidence on which conclusions are based, do not oversimplify, and do not overgeneralize. If I never used this way of thinking then I would be a lost individual letting my life be ruined by my actions, or lack thereof.

The effect the environment has on me is none and is a moot point. The environment tries to exploit through all forms of media which also reflects on all of us, if we let it. If we believe the environment is trying to help us then we should let it, or we could teach our children the right way so that the tradition will carry on back to its original state. Parents have become much too lazy to even entertain the thought of talking to their children about sexual intercourse or anything related to sex. Some parents feel it is the schools job to introduce and educated sex to their children; this is just wrong and needs to be changed. Historically, I believe that at some point we repeat ourselves, as this is human nature. This also depends on what we feel is right for us emotionally, physically, and...
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