Personal Reflection

Topics: Sociology, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Personal Reflection on the Self
Kea Williams
Dr. Lauren Hall-Davis
May 5, 2013

Personal Reflection
I will begin observing the environment through nurture and nature in developing our self concept. Self concepts are the realization of experiences gathered from history and the future in how people were, and who he or she aspires to be. Studies demonstrate that people look to society for suspicions, trust, and an accepting of what to expect from situations in society. For example, the way we intermingle and what society believes he or she is supposed to adhere to. In the social world it is our mind-set about the world, and the part we play effects our dealings. The social influences of an individual are viewed acceptable in guiding the self’s behavior. The concept of self is broken into three components; self efficacy, concept, and our self-esteem. After reviewing these concepts it becomes clearer in appreciating who I am, and my place in society. I can share my own experiences that have contributed to my social development. It gives me more knowledge and confidence of myself.

The way we recognize ourselves defines who we are. Self concept relates to how we categorize our features and roles we see when viewing our self. A better definition of oneself is how we interrelate; the interactions influence and lead our behavior. The self concept correlates to three theories: self perception, self presentation, and dissonance theory (Myers, 2011). Self perception is how one determines their actions of other situations environmentally, persona, and approach. Our self perception allows us to witness an individual’s poor attitude; the individual can see how his or her behavior and situation relates to the manner. He or she can inspect his or herself from the outside world,...
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