Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Jessica Pons
January 28, 2013
Sharon Thompson

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
To formulate my personal philosophy of nursing, I had to look at what my core values were. I am a kind, compassionate, honest, and caring. I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is something that always has been in my blood. I believe human life is precious and is to be valued. Not only do I consider my patient’s wellbeing, but I also look at the wellbeing of the families. Families take care of the patient when they are discharged. I also look at my fellow health care workers. Without being able to work alongside them, I could not take care of the patient properly. Lastly, I consider my own health. An unhealthy nurse cannot properly do their job. Caring for patients and their families, working well with coworkers, and taking care of your own health is what makes a difference because no matter how small the task, little things add up to big things. That is why I believe the world will get better one small step at a time. My Patients

My patients are human beings. They are people with feelings and souls, and they are to be treated with just as much respect as everyone does. It does not matter if they are on their deathbed or just coming in because they have a cough. Being a positive role model is an important philosophy. I was raised watching my mother be a nurse and always enjoyed going to work with her and helping with small things such as passing out ice to the residents of the nursing home. It brought so much joy to their hearts that a child would take time out of his or her day to come and spend it with them. Patient advocacy is also very important to me. I care for a diverse group, anywhere from ambulatory patients to comfort care and hospice patients. Nurses are also providers of most of a patient’s education. Even though a doctor gives a patient details about their treatment plan, alternative treatments, the...
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