Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing


November 25, 2011

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
My personal definition of nursing is taking care of my patient as a whole; using my knowledge, being compassionate and caring, respectful and honest. Taking care of the; spiritual, physical and emotional aspect of the patient, and taking into consideration their family and environment. Learning about the different theorists I associate myself the most with Hildegard Peplau. Peplau believed that the relationship between the patient and the nurse was focus of attention, rather than the patient only as the unit of attention. (Chitty & Black p.314-315). Using Peplau’s theory my relationship begins with my patients as strangers and I try to create an environment that builds trust. I become their resource person and provide information based on their needs or interests; sometimes I become my patient’s counselor by helping them and their family to deal with current situations and provide guidance and encouragement for change. I also act as an advocate for my patients and help my patients to take full responsibility for their treatment goals. As nurses we apply our knowledge and skills to the care of our patients. Nurses are focused on caring for individuals, families and communities ensuring that they attain, maintain or recover optimal health and functioning. We formulate and carry out our own plan of care for our patients we apply judgment, use critical thinking skills, and make nursing diagnoses. As a nurse my personal values are to be compassionate and caring. Not only with my patients but their families too, I care for my patient’s physical and emotional health. In my current job I work with veterans and there are a lot of physical limitations as well as emotional, mental and environmental limitations. When I visit a veteran I take care of their medical needs and I spend most of my visit talking about their past and future, this I believe takes a lot of empathy and...
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