Personal Narrative Example

Topics: Barbed wire, Hotel, Plane Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: February 18, 2013
It was a chilly, autumn morning in 2011. My family and I were just beginning to pack up our stuff and carry the suitcases to the van. Since we were moving to Hawaii, on account of my stepdad being in the army, we had to move quickly so that we’d reach our ten am flight on time.

As I walked back into the hotel room I made sure to grab my purse and notebook to put in the van, while my mom got herself and my siblings ready to go. Very slowly I opened the door to leave the room and trudged down the hallway, towards the exit door off the building, while my brown ponytail bounces with every step.

Once outside I began to put my belongings in the vehicle when something moving in the murky, swamp water caught my attention and pulled at my curiosity until I stood in front of the fence. When I leaned my face on the cold metal of the barbed wire fence I saw four eyes looking at me.

Those eyes belonged to two alligators that were starting to swim towards me. This had me so petrified that I ran like a human hating cat to the van. Immediately I jumped into the driver seat, slammed the door, and locked up the car until my parents and siblings walked out of the hotel. Quickly, I nonchalantly unlocked the door and waited for our departure towards the airport, which felt like forever.

“We’re here!” shouts my mother as we pull up to the front of the airlines. It was actually a little exciting, but when we went through all of the security checks I began to get very nervous and worried. I will admit that it was very nerve unnerving with all of those checks because nobody would want to find out that a person nearby has bombs and weapons on hand. This though is worried me deeply until we came across the shuttle train.

Once on the train my mother and four siblings sat on a seat while my dad and I stood up and held on to a metal bar. The bar was connected from the floor to the ceiling to prevent falling. Sadly, I repeatedly lost my balance and tumbled down on my...
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