An Unforgettable Experience.

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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An Unforgettable Experience
On Wednesday afternoon, towards the end of October 2012, some of my friends and I were so busy preparing ourselves for a departure to a village located very far from the bustle of the city. We started by packing our personal items and then tried to check the all luggages and boxes that had been put on the truck to ensure that everything we needed had been already brought. Yeah, it was a hot day. The sun shined so bright and made our skin was like burnt. Our sweat flowed through the skin as a waterfall, till we got drenched to the all body. Not only that, because of our wish to succed this excursion too, we worked hard and thought very hard for two months more. It took so much energy of our body and also our mind. Our head felt to explode in the crown. This body also seemed so weak like a piece of paper that flied on the sky. This stomach was like singing beautifully all the time because of our bad habit in our eating menu and schedule. Our face seemed so pale too. It seemed like an unhealthy person that never cared himself or herself. The skin colour was also so white but not bright, we seemed like a mummy or a zombie. After finishing the all preparation and checking everything that we brought on the truck carefully. We moved silently up the car towards the truck. We turned the handle slowly. The car’s door was not locked. We opened it noieselessly, entered into the car and then closed the car’s door slowly and carefully. We just took a seat inside the car and tried to be more relax for the trip. We spent around four up to five hours for this trip. Although it took much time and was so tiring, but all of us were so happy and also absoloutely enjoyed the trip with a pleasure. We were able to see many good views a long the way. Not only that, we also could feel the fresh air from the forest. Since we found so many trees a long the way. Finally, after a long trip that was tiring enough. We arrived in a small village called “Bajul...
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