Personal Narative

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Mike Watson Watson 1 Sonia Gutierrez
English 50
Fifth March 2013
Personal Narrative

My life is like a three leaf clover it has three leaves, which resemble important facts about my life. Each fact has a great story behind it the three facts in my life are that I play baseball, I aim to be a sports agent and that I live by the brand young and reckless these three things are what I live my life by and are reasons for good and bad things happening in my life.

The first fact about my life was that I play baseball see I have been playing baseball for over 10 years. It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me it has consumed my life and has been the most amazing thing in my life bringing a lot of good to it but occasionally bad because sports can bring many injuries like broken bones sprains and much more but still what I love to do I hope to play until I cant anymore and hopefully play professionally. Baseball is one of the things that I always can succeed at and at the moment cant play. My colt CYB baseball team has won the past two league championships. Watson 2 The second fact about my life is that when I mature I desire to do anything with sports which would be playing pro baseball of course but seeing how that is a once in a lifetime chance. I want to go to San Diego State University and major in business and sports hopefully to become a sports agent in California where I can be an agent of many great athletes and get paid well because I would get paid the best in California this in fact is my dream job and what I really want to do with my life. Another aspect of...
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