Personal Financial Management

Topics: Finance, Investment, Debt Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Rarely do we hear people asking us, "How is your relationship with money?" Do you spent your money wisely? This question is a little sensitive but honestly, if you're asked this question, how would you answer? Are you guys still "talk" to each other, separated or worse, "divorced"? Understanding your relationship with money is important in helping you manage it wisely. What am I talking about?Do you have any idea? Ok now,I am talking about the personal financial management.What is meant by personal financial management?Personal Financial management is process of managing your money to achieve personal economic satisfaction.In other word,it mean every aspect of your life that deals with money. Your personal finances affect your relationships, your lifestyle, and very possibly, your perception of yourself. The idea of management implies that you have a goal or a set of goals in mind. Therefore, the first and most important part of money management is to clarify your own goals, commit to them and write them down. Why do you need money? What will you use your money for? How much do you need? For what? For When? Be specific and realistic. Different people have different needs and different wants. Prioritize your needs. Some wants and needs will have a higher priority than others. Make your priorities clear and allocate sufficient funds to each according to the importance you give it. Avoid inconsistencies. For example, if retirement is more important to you than owning a house, then more savings should be diverted to retirement than to housing. And, if funds are scarce, then you should fund your retirement savings before funding your housing savings. Here I would like to associate with the problem of financial management with student in the university. More often than not, students have problems in their personal life as a results of poor financial control. Why?Is it because the lack of money?or the over expenditure,or ignorance or caused by the poor...
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