Financial Management

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  • Published : April 2, 2011
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Chapter 1
1. Elucidate the scope for merchant banking in India.(12) 2. Critically examine the nature of services rendered by merchant bankers.(12) 3. Define merchant banking. Elaborate the multifarious services rendered by the merchant banks in India.(12) 4. Critically examine the nature of services provided by the merchant bankers.(12) 5. Discuss the functions of merchant bankers.(12)

Chapter 2
1. Describe guidelines of ADR issue.(12)
2. *Give a brief account of SEBI guidelines and regulations to primary issue and right issues.(12) 3. Discuss the implication of ADR’s and GDR’s.(12)
4. Critically examine the different methods of raising funds from primary market by the corporate enterprise.(12)

Chapter 3
1. What are the benefits if depository system explain.(12) 2. What is consumer finance explain its pro’s and corn’s?(12) 3. Bring out the terms and conditions to car finance.(12)

Chapter 4
1. Discuss the credit rating process followed by the rating agencies. (12) 2. *Explain the credit rating methodology/procedure followed by the CRISIL. (12)

Chapter 5
1. What are commercial papers ? explain their merits and limitations.(12)

Chapter 8
1. Explain the impact of nationalization of banks in India. (12) 2. Explain the methods of credit control initiated by the RBI. (12) 3. Describe the modern commercial banks. (12)
4. “Commercial banks have been witnessing spectacular changes in the scope and scale of their operations in the recent years”. Elucidate(12) 5. Analyze the recent Monitory policy of RBI. (12)

Chapter 9
1. *Discuss the role of insurance in Indian financial system. (12) 2. Discuss the role of insurance in modern turbulent business environment.(12) 3. Critically examine the role of insurance liberalized financial environment.(12) 4. Why was the insurance sector liberalized in India? Discuss the changing trends of life Insurance sector in...
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