Personal Evaluation and Reflection on the Group Project

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Personal Evaluation and Reflection on the Group Project
Your performance both as an
individual and as a member of a team in the light of your
assessment of other group projects.
As an individual myself as well as being part of a group member in this project, I understand that I have areas to improve on which before this, never realized. T he most significant that I
realize needed improvement is constant adjustment of one self, no matter on project matter, or relational matter. Project wise, what I fall shorts is follow the technology trend. For instance, I use to study Adobe Flash, and all

the while I’m using Actionscript 2.0 .Well of course, during that time this is the hype, everyone is talking about interactivity, and the demands are there. Well little did I know, while doing this project AS2.0 (Actionscript2.0) is almost heading to “ret

irement” and the AS3.0 is its successor. I notice that AS3.0 is not just containing a significant change, but it is totally another new language. Unlike the past when Adobe decided improves Actionscript 1.0 to 2.0, it is still the same language. In Actions cript 3.0, it

requires a separate player which is embedded in the new flash player in order to run. Hence it is a new language that does not talk to AS2.0 and AS1.0. After some discussion with my group and knowing what limitation AS2.0 has, our group decid ed to use the new way. So I

have tried my best I could to step out from my own comfort zone and try on this. I consider myself as moderate in terms of being a team worker. I have some struggles in conveying my thoughts. Fortunately to me, my team member h

ad being kind and
understanding, and tries to work things out together. In other hand, I assess other group as fairly competitive as us in terms of their presentation of their project the content of their systems.
How the experience of the Gro
up Project relates to the teaching material in OPM.
I believe my experiencing in group project and materials are two distinct elements. One is
practical and the other is just theory. Well, by theory some of the things might work some of it don’t. All in
all, the teaching material has somehow facilitated my experience in handling a project. For instance, this material guide us how to plan for projects, schedule tasks for team members. This material also mentions the possible risks of a project, provide exc ellent risk

managements. For me myself as a working adult and a part time student, I understand that these two elements is design to prepare us on how to handling a project. It will also apply in my workplace to prepare me to be a better team player.

have you covered in OPM that helped you with the Group Project? In what way? SMART (specific, measurable, attainability, relevant). This is used when start up with an idea of the project. For instance, be specific about the nature, the use, the name of th is system and

so on. Be measurable on setting deadlines on each task. Be Attainable, so a project will not go beyond your group’s capability. Be Relevant in making sure the project is relevant to society. Be timely. Ask yourself what I can do 6 month from

now etc.
Are there things that you have covered in OPM that you tried to apply in the Group Project but which didn't work well. What things? What happened when you tried to apply them?
Gantt chart. It partially work due adjustment in deadline of the enti re project. For instance we
plan to get the function of the login page done by let say a week after, but our programmer is struggling with the database parts. Which haven’t been taught or what have been taught is not what we applied. Conclusion is, althoug

h Gantt chart has been applied to complete the system,
but due to external reason of team members, some of the deadline has to be adjusted. Are there things that you have covered in OPM that you did not attempt to apply in the Group Project? What things?

Do you feel that your project would have benefited or...
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