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Topics: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Crimean War Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: April 23, 2013
III. These are some examples of Historical Perspective the beginning of the 18th and 19th Century. Please expand.

1.Social reform began
2. Nursing as we know it began thanks to Florence Nightingale (the lady with the lamp) 3. Nightingale began the 1st formal school of nursing.


We have all grown up with a pretty clear idea of what a hospital is, what a doctor is, what a nurse is, and so on. There is a fair degree of consensus about what a health care system looks like. But how does the health care system- particularly Nursing look like in the time of 1800s. The first thing that comes to mind is that health care in the 1800s was not a system at all. Public health in the modern sense emerged in the mid-19th century in several countries (England, continental Europe, and the USA) as part of both social reform movements and the growth of biological and medical knowledge. In the 1800s, there was no generally accepted body of medical knowledge as we have today. The hospitals then were for the rich and upper class society. There were voluntary and charitable hospitals for the masses, but the patients were more likely very poor than very sick. People mostly remained in their homes with the benefit of such medical attendance as they could afford and considered appropriate. Those who needed treatment and were unable to pay for it had to rely on the provisions of the charitable or missionary facilities. In those times, Nursing was not an identifiable and self-conscious occupation. Anybody could freely describe themselves as a nurse and call what they did as nursing. However, Nursing has undergone dramatic change in response to societal needs and influences. Nursing today is far different from what was practiced years ago, and it will continue to change and evolve with changing times. Throughout history, wars have accentuated the need for nurses. The inadequacy of care for soldiers...
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