Personal Ethics

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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I will present how I have developed my own values, what the values are and the sources I have developed those ethics I was born in St. Louis Missouri July 30 1961. My mother’s name is Charlene Pearson and my Father is the late David F.R. Pearson Sr. I have five siblings and I am middle sibling. I have two older sisters and two younger brothers.

Growing up as a child I can remember my aunt Esther who is my father sister that lived downstairs’ from my family; also she was very close to my father. She always remembers my birthday. I still receive phone calls on my birthday which has been very important too me. “We are born with no knowledge, when we were hungry, wanted attention or had a dirty diaper, we would cry. This is the point that sets the tone for our own personal life and decision making process”. My family was poor, but compare to most family in my neighborhood we were well off. All of our wants wasn’t there, but our needs were met. “The goal in developing values in children is being able to establish a capability to make sound judgments on their own (Kholberg, 1971)”. My elementary school days grades 1st threw 3rd were the best and I had lots of fun. I was a very smart student. My sisters and I attended catholic school for those few years. I wasn’t involved in any activities, but academically I was advance. I can remember starting the 4th grade at public school. Although this transition was different I became very naïve. The kids weren’t as nice; they would call me names and talk about my headI believe that my father is my foremost hero, and most important tly, I believe in God. Sources For My Values

My parents taught us at an early age that family, honesty, education and work are important. . In addition, I will also include how my personal values influence my own personal values. Everyone’s personal values are acquired early on in life. We are born with no knowledge, when we were hungry, wanted attention or had a dirty diaper, we would cry. This...
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