Personal Effect of Journalism

Topics: Mind, The Washington Post, Thought Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Maxx Ortiz
Donald Menn
Journ. 205
April 16th 2012
I can honestly say that journalism has had a tremendous affect on me, in ways I haven’t truly realized till this assignment had me thinking about it. Journalism has lead me to idolize the people and icons that I do today, told me what to steer clear of as far as ideologies and things of the like. Just recently, journalism had me have my mind set on something and then soon enough, feel the opposite way about it. With this I’m referring to the whole Kony 2012 ordeal. At the time I’d deactivated my Facebook, having had enough of people’s useless updates. Then I saw the popular Kony 2012 clip on Youtube, and thought “Wow, I really want to share this, this is terrible” and found that the easiest and most efficient way to do this is via Facebook. Soon enough, reading up on various articles about the subject through publications like VICE and The Washington Post, I practically had a 180° on how I felt about the whole thing.

Through journalism, and this Kony phenomenon, I changed my mind on the use of Facebook and how to better use it. Hell, I’ve even considered getting a Twitter account, which I’ve been resisting since the dawn of it.

Being an avid reader of Vogue Magazine this past year, I also found that journalism had an impact on my speech, using more complex and formal vocabulary, and influencing me on my view of people, as far as what they do and the other half being how they dress. Today, I find myself practically disgusted with how many people tend to dress, which may be a good or bad thing that was produced through reading Vogue every month for my senior year of high school. I don’t usually subscribe to magazines (with the exception of Vogue this past year), not since I was 11 and couldn’t wait for my next issue of MAD Magazine, but through reading more things online on magazine websites, I find that soon enough I may subscribe to several. My drive to be more in the know with things that only...
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