Personal Developmental Skill

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Personal Developmental skills
The second skill I have chosen is embedding literacy and numeracy as a personal developmental point because as I am teaching ICT it is difficult to recognise the lack of literacy and numeracy skills with my learners, as they are mostly using computers or in discussions. I do initial assessments with each learner and this shows their literacy and numeracy level. Before researching embedding literacy and numeracy I didn’t realise the importance of this as I thought the learners have come to learn computers and that’s it, but then i realised that this caused problems when some of the learners could not read or write properly or solve a simple sum. I have now done some research on the internet and have found some useful links which I can show and get my learners to use in the ICT class. Also I have asked peers and my mentor for suggestions on how to embed these skills in the sessions. When I am teaching spreadsheets I get the learners to work out monthly incomes and outgoings and apply this to their own personal situations, this engages the learners to work with numbers. I have been also using websites such as the bbc skillswise and the excellence gateway to do literacy tests and quizzes. I think this motivates the learners and really works well in the ICT class as the learners don’t realise that they are improving their literacy and numeracy through the ICT class. BBC- skillswise-http://

Excellence gateway-http://
a survey commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills gave tests in basic numeracy and literacy to more than 7,200 people. The results showed that 24% had number skills of a child aged nine or younger. The same study found that 15% of adults had the reading age of a child aged 11 or younger. Most of the learners that come to the centre are of deprived backgrounds, of ethnic minorities and...
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