Personal Development Review and Plan

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Personal Development Stage 1

Review and Development Plan

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Introduction My Personal Development Review My Personal Development Plan

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At the Introduction to PD workshop I identified two broad reasons why I decided to pursue my MBA. The first was to develop my competence as a manager. The second and more important reason was to advance my career by making myself more marketable. The job market today is undoubtedly very competitive and I realised that a first degree was not sufficient if I wanted to 'climb the corporate ladder'. It is hoped that this MBA would help me to take advantage of any future opportunities when they become available. My personal development journey thus far has quite frankly been an eye opening experience. I am gaining much more from doing this MBA than I had originally expected. The exercises on Personal Development have enabled me to be more aware of myself. I have been able to seriously examine where I wanted my life and career to go in general and examine what type of skills and knowledge I needed to get there. The Competency Star was useful in helping me to become aware of the type of behavior that I need to develop as a professional. The development goals that I have identified for myself are therefore based this examination of myself. Overall I have a greater appreciation for the importance of planning my development and career. I have accepted that writing down sound goals would help me to cross over from dreams to reality. That said, the three outcomes which I hope to achieve as part of my MBA are: 1. Advancement of my career by making myself more marketable 2. Improvement of my confidence as a manager and as an individual 3. Improvement of my overall analytical, communicative and interpersonal skills


My Personal Development Review
I have always had a mental block when it came to solving a problem about me. If given any other project to complete I am great, I have no problem. Looking back now I think what was missing was the objectivity and emotional detachment to transfer my problem solving and planning skills for use on myself. The PD exercises have helped me to gain that. I now better understand myself, my motivations and why I am where I am.

Discovering my strengths and my weaknesses
My competence in the process of planning, doing, reviewing I have always been a great planner. My approach to work is very structured and I am accustomed to planning my work around deadlines. I realize now that it is because of the nature of my job that my skills of planning, doing and continuously reviewing my work have become some my key strengths. A major problem for me however has been transferring these skills to my MBA studies. My inability to plan and continuously review my reading material has led me into great difficulties. In the end because I procrastinated I was overwhelmed by the volume of work and was unable to submit assignments on time I am however now discovering the benefits of applying strengths at planning to actively plan for my career development. A major hurdle I am yet to conquer is getting accustomed to using an e-recording tool. I am accustomed to planning using a personal diary and getting into using an electronic learning journal has been a bit of a challenge. However, I remain committed to improving this. My Values The values questionnaire has helped in identifying my core values. The top three values on my list were personal development, work and family. My work life is generally not too demanding, except at peak times, so I have always been able to balance my time between my work and personal life. I have a strong desire to develop in my career and I am lucky to have a really good family support system and a boss who understands and is quite passionate about career and professional development. My competence in the core skills of communication, facilitation and coaching. The team working questionnaire...
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