Personal Action Plan

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Personal Action Plan
Diversity can affect many aspects of a person’s life, including social class. When someone steps outside his or her normal surroundings, he or she becomes aware how others of a different social class live. The person will observe others at a higher or lower point in life. This may allow someone to step outside his or her comfort zone and gain a different perspective. This person could learn new or different things from observing others of a different social class. He or she may interact with socially conscious individuals and view their traits. By witnessing this, this person may see a change in his or her comfort level and could become more of a socially conscious person. He or she may realize some areas need improvement. According to Bucher (2010), when a person steps outside his or her normal surroundings, he or she may gain a different perspective increasing his or her awareness. This could allow him or her to develop steps in possessing growth in this area.

The person experimenting with this activity considers his or herself to be middle class. He or she chose to observe others of a lower class in an unemployment office. This experience allowed this person to observe others trying to find work within the area. The majority of these people were men of different races, but there were a few women. Each person ranged in age, and some were dressed nicer than others. The person experimenting saw some people were dressed professionally whereas others wore jeans and dirty shirts. The people at the unemployment office did not pay any attention to the person observing. These people were focused on filling out applications. The unemployment office was consistent with people coming in looking for work. The person experimenting observed some of the people taken to small offices for interviews whereas others continued to sit there all day.

The person observing was out of his or her comfort zone. The people...
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