Person Who Made a Difference in My Life

Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Have you ever been influenced by someone that helped you become the person you are today? In my life, there once came a special person that made a difference. Her name was Wiktoria. She was a beautiful and bright girl that always had a smile on her face, even when things weren't as colorful as a rainbow. Ever since I met her on a family party, she has become an important part of my life. Her determination and faith after her mom died, proved to me that you should never give up on something you believe. To begin with, Wiktoria was my dad's friend's daughter. She was a junior in high school when I first saw her. We met at my brother's birthday party. She came over to the table where I was sitting and introduced herself. "Hi, my name is Wiktoria," she said and smiled. She had long, blonde, wavy hair and dark, beautiful eyes. "Nice to meet you, I'm Klaudia," I replied. Since then, we sat together and talked throughout the whole party. I learned from her that she has a brother who is two years younger than her and her mom was just diagnosed with cancer. Honestly, I would not have guessed that something like that has happened in her life, because when we talked, she always smiled. Anyways, from that moment, we saw each other a couple of times a week. She would always come over to my house and we would do homework together, when she didn't go to work. Sometimes I would visit her at her house. Her mom would always make us some delicious desserts. She loved to cook. She never looked worried or cried. All you could tell was that even though she had an incurable disease, that didn't stopped her from letting go of her dreams. Also, Wiktoria's smile never came off her face. She laughed with her mom. She behaved as if nothing happened and everything was still the same. Nevertheless, one day I was walking home from school. I saw her sitting on the stairs, her makeup smeared all over. She was crying. We haven't talked for an entire week then, because we both had many agendas...
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