Someone Who Has Impacted Your Life

Topics: United States Constitution, United States Bill of Rights, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 15 (5943 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Key Terms and Concepts

1. Democracy - a form of government in which all eligible people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. 2. Elite class theory - posits that a select few individuals control decision making. 3. Government - The government is a system that decided the state of affairs for our country, state, and community. This is where new rules and laws are made. Not all of them are passed, but this is where it starts. 4. Gross Domestic Product - Gross domestic product (GDP) is the measure of all the goods and services produced in a country or region. The higher the GDP, the better the country's economy is said to be. 5. Hyperpluralism- The concept is used, often in different ways, in a wide range of issues. In politics, the affirmation of diversity in the interests and beliefs of the citizenry, is one of the most important features of modern democracy. 6. Individualism - Individualism is the philosophy that all actions take place for the benefit of the individual and not for society as a whole. Individualism also pertains to the pursuit of the individual rather than common or collective interests. 7. Linkage Institutions - A linkage institution is a social structure or system that connects people to government. Examples include the media, special interest groups, political parties, and elections. 8. Majority Rule - Majority rule is the idea that at least one more than half of the total number of people has voted in a certain direction. Usually, majority rule is good when you are voting on something and need a quick solution to be presented. 9. Minority Rights - Minority Right is the right to be respected, given equal right to have a say and justice and right to caste the vote to select an appropriate candidate of desire. 10. Pluralist Theory - An analysis of politics emphasizing the role of diverse and competing interest groups in preventing too much power being accumulated in the hands of political and economic elites.

11. Policy Agenda - Policy Agenda is a list of subjects or problems to which people inside and outside government are paying serious attention to at any given time. 12. Policy Gridlock - In politics, gridlock refers to the difficulty of passing laws fulfilling a party's political agenda in a legislature that is nearly evenly divided, or in which two legislative houses, or the executive branch and the legislature are controlled by different political parties. 13. Policy Impacts - Policy Impact Communications is the first firm in Washington, D.C. to offer the Total Solutions Strategy, combining full services in public relations and government affairs to successfully meet the largest and most complex client needs. In-house lobbying resources provide the most effective reach possible into the legislative and executive branches of government, while public relations professionals move information from the boardroom to the global stage. 14. Policymaking Institutions - Policymaking institutions are the branches of government charged with taking action on political issues. The U.S. Constitution established three policymaking institutions - the Congress, the presidency, and the courts. Today the power of the bureaucracy is so great that most political scientists consider it a fourth policymaking institution. 15. Policymaking System – The policymaking agenda consists of issues that attract the serious attention of public officials. 16. Political Issue - Political issues involves political campaigning or political support based on one essential policy area or idea. 17. Political Participation – Political Participation in social science refers to different mechanisms for the public to express opinions - and ideally exert influence - regarding political, economic, management or other social decisions. Participatory decision making can take place along any realm of human social activity, including economic, political, management, cultural or familial. 18. Politics - Politics is a...
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