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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Person Centered and Experiential Theory and Therapy

Person Centered and Experiential Theory and Therapy

Acquired Skills
I have learned that my role as a therapist is not to bring in a client, but to enroll and engage the client in a therapeutic relationship. Thus, creating room for the client’s current state and allow room to change. The emphasis of fairness and impartial treatment as the therapist gives the client the ability to recognize and understand their problems. As a therapist, I should be an avid listener, not the all- knowing one. The therapeutic alliance is the core condition to genuineness and congruence with a client. I have learned to truly (in my heart) accept a client with a high positive regard, regardless of what baggage they may have. “I must walk in their shoes” (Carl Rogers, 1959) and be present for their pain; it’s the only true way to develop a therapeutic alliance with a client. Empathy is experienced when your sincerity for the client is expressed. Empathy cannot be simulated, because it comes from the heart. We all hope in this program to have empathy, but the important role is learning to use the empathy in a productive manner to truly help another person who’s soul is tormented by emotional pain (Elliott, 2003). Components of active listening:

Sensing, of what the client is communicating is important; active listening and recognizing the facial and body expressions of a client is crucial. This awareness creates the processing of understanding the meaning and the underlying implications the client is trying to share with his/her therapist. Always consider silence to be the loudest, unspoken response a client can share with the therapist. Responding:

A clients experience may have a negative or a positive outcome, depending on two things. First, is the client in session of his/her own choice? Secondly, is the client in session because it has been mandated by a court of law? When a client seeks therapy a...
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