Person Centred Approach

Topics: Bolton, Alzheimer's disease, Caregiver Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: May 12, 2013
One of my service users was an elderly lady who was diagnosed with risk of DVT, carers visited in the morning and a evening visit to administer medication, Mary was a lovely lady who always wanted to make you a cup of tea and biscuits, her house was spotless and she took great pride in it, even still cleaning the windows inside herself at 89yrs old, Mary was a devout catholic and visited church twice a week, she had a great sense of humour and we always had a good chat on my visits. Mary visited the hospital quite frequently and district nurses visited on a weekly basis to renew dressings on her legs, due to DVT’s, she had no hearing problems and could read the Bolton news without spectacles, after I had been visiting Mary for about 12 months, I noticed that she was becoming more forgetful and although she could remember everything about her childhood, her short term memory was getting worse. On a morning visit Mary opened the door and seemed distressed, she said come in, sit down, I’ve got something to tell you, Mary had a letter in her hand and the she burst into tears, I comforted her and asked what was the matter, she replied I’ve got Alzheimer’s, “they say I’ve got Alzheimer’s, read that, she gave me a letter, which was from Bolton council regarding council tax, it read as Mary had now been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease she was now exempt from council tax, no one had obviously discussed any test results with Mary, she asked me if I thought she had Alzheimer’s as previously said Mary had good and bad days, but overall I thought she was marvellous for her years, I replied no Mary, I don’t think you have, she replied “well I don’t and I am not having it, I refuse to accept it, if I ignore it, it will not happen, I sat and chatted with her, trying to console her, and we agreed that the conversation we had had that morning, would not be mentioned again, we would carry on and not acknowledge the letter, I was not completely sure I had done the correct...
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