Performance Appraisal Performance

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Performance Appraisal Performance
Monica F. White
BUS: 303 Human Resource Management
Theresa Thurman
March 11, 2013

Sam, so I hear you are up for the promotion posted. Yes, I have did some research on the new position. I have been with the company longer than other employee. I feel my chances are great. To know your job description, follow them and adhere to the company policies to the fullest are all great things to have on your side. I have all of the above on my side. The above paragraph is between “Sam” and a coworker. Sam is up for a promotion for which other employees have applied as well. Sam feels that by him being on the job longer and have done his research that he is most suitable for the job. While these are good skills to possess, an appraisal is not always based solely on these items alone. This paper will give brief explanations of things looked at and what the things entail. First, off the six main job appraisals that are listed in the text are; narrative technique, critical incident method, management by objective, graphic ratings, behavioral anchor graphic scales, forced distribution method, and last paired comparison (Youssef 2012). Like most things there are positives and negatives to job appraisals as well. In the following paragraphs some of the good points and potential failure points of job appraisal methods will be mentioned. We have all heard of individuals being looked over when it comes to job promotions or appraisals because they are not liked to well. Then again, you have heard of people getting jobs due to favoritism; neither is fair. When doing appraisals productivity, attitudes, and work behaviors are some of the main characteristics monitored (Youssef 2012). To view the characteristics listed in the first paragraph is known as a holistic approach Youssef 2012). The research has to be broken down into certain areas in order to properly evaluate or set a system in which to appraise. Now...
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