Performance Appraisal

Topics: Strategic planning, Strategic management, Organization Pages: 4 (909 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The Role of Strategic Planning In Modern Organizations
Summary of the topic:
Corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organization are used strategic planning as tool for transforming and revitalization. For the political and economic uncertainty the pace of technological and social change has changed or faster. There have some problem of planning efforts which can’t match this pace. For that they find a basic misconception about the purpose and value of strategic planning. So this is the process can prove point less and frustrating and the end product which give less value to the stakeholder groups. Yet some tools are better suited to help address the staggering array of challenges brought about by a changing environment. A successful strategic planning helps an organization to clarify the organizational goals, targeting spending and other aspect of operations. Strategic Planning –what is/ isn’t

Strategic planning is set in two forms as long term and short term. Short term is based on long term perspective. Then they build a corporate planning as according strategic planning. According strategic planning different strategy are applied or oriented. So that the change is occurring by applying strategic plan then the emphasis become change largely. But the initially the overall process of plan are not occur. Corporate wide process helps to achieve the formal plan. The links suggest that this shift of emphasis were not always achieved and few organizations are become succeeding according their strategic plan. Corporate planning had not given equal emphasis on every aspect of the organization. Environment was changing continuously so the nature of competition are also become challenging. So the plan should be done by more structured thinking about global competition. Although the strategic planning phase put more concentration into strategy in relation to the business environment, markets and competitors, the most common process was...
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