In a Dynamic Business World, Phrases Such as 'Strategic Planning', 'Marketing Planning' or 'Change Management' Are Oxymoronic!

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MSc in Marketing & Strategy

Title: In a dynamic business world, phrases such as 'strategic planning', 'marketing planning' or 'change management' are oxymoronic!

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Executive Summery

In this turbulent era of our time, we can’t possibly expect everything to go according to the plan. Business world with its many surprises got dynamic along with modern time. The vitality of it changes through the many ups and down in both hemisphere. Communism faced the end of a golden era in last century, as a result changed the whole nature of trade around the world. Time is shaping business world and vice versa.  To cope up with the time, strategic planning can no longer be pre determined. Because to solve the non linear problems that occur in business world needs spontaneous solution which can hardly be derived from wavering development. The influence of Dr. Henry Mintzberg can be seen thorough the article and by some theories and examples, this article tried to show that strict planning has no longer of any significance rather flexibility and adaptation strongly combined with continuous innovation is the only way to outclass.  

Main Body

Change is inevitable. Everything changes over time. Exchange of goods was the beginning of business before currency appeared into the calculation. Today’s world has come a long way in terms of business accompanied by all other socio-economic aspects. And it has not followed any undemanding way of becoming a present precision for the world rather business world has spread its branches throughout the inter-connected network of convolution.

Changing business world has a positive co relation with the...
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