Perfect Competition

Topics: Foodborne illness, Illness, Food safety Pages: 3 (558 words) Published: May 18, 2013

Read the article, “A Summary of Health Outcomes: Multistate Foodborne Disease Outbreaks in the U.S., 1998-2007,” and answer the questions below.

• Answers must be complete sentences.

• The assignment must be typed and submitted on Tuesday, February 19th prior to the exam.

1. What is a multistate FBDO?

Multistate FBDO is a outbreaks that either spread to other states or originate from the same vector in multiple states at the same time.

2. Foodborne disease outbreaks pose a threat to public health. What makes multistate outbreaks particularly challenging?

The things that make multistate outbreaks are The continued growth and expansion within the food industry and the transport of food across multiple state lines have made identifying the sources of and subsequently tracking multistate FBDOs more complicated (Alios, Moore, Griffin, & Tauxe, 2004),Additionally, outbreaks caused by fresh produce transported across state lines have become more prominent.

3. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, what was the purpose of this study?

This study was wanted people paid more attention on the Multistate foodborne disease outbreaks (FBSOs), the author wanted readers to know how the FBDOs can effect people’s health and wanted people knew more informations on this kind of disease.

4. What are the three food safety surveillance systems maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and how do they differ?

The three food safety surveillance systems are Recommended in the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) and the Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response’s(CIFOR’s). They allows for effective communication and coordination between affected states as well as potentially affected states and may result in fewer negative health outcomes.Having a horizontally integrated system of communication in place may reduce the burden on labor,times, and resources required by states...
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