Perception Toward Commit Suicide Among Utar Students

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, The Complete Manual of Suicide Pages: 11 (3746 words) Published: February 18, 2013
This research is about the “Perception toward commit suicide among UTAR students”. We want to understand how the UTAR students think about suicide with carry different opinion from different races and gender. We will distribute 100 sheets of the questionnaire to UTAR students based on their races and gender. In this assignment, we will distribute 50 sheets of survey question to male students and 50 sheets for female students. In this questionnaire we also ask about UTAR student’s opinion which is “does suicide makes soreness disappear”? Most of the students answer no, because they think commit suicide cannot help them solve the problem, it just a way to deny from the problem. So they should think positively and find the solution because all problem have their own solution, just see how we view the issues. If we try to commit suicide it just make some trouble to our family because they will to face the society, maybe your neighbor will talk bad word about your family.

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Literature Review
After our searching for whole week, we had found at least 5 academic journals with online source from not only Malaysia, but in other country in Asia too. From these journals and report, we able to have more understanding on suicide rate among several countries in Asia and Malaysia, the pattern, or the frequently used method, and even some of the reason for suicide. Two of the journals published by same organization, which is National Suicide Registry Malaysia, are about the research on Malaysia. One of them is explaining objective and the data collection method for research in NSRM, while another journal explain about what they found, example like stated out the high risk group, and the factor cause suicide, based on the data they collect so far. Another journal we found is not provided by NSRM, but also related to Malaysia. In this research, they concentrate about the race suicide method, and age group of suicide victim, this provide us helpful information that able us to see a more clear picture about suicide in Malaysia. Other two journals is talking about the research in other countries of Asia, one of them is a research conducted by World health Organization in 2008 regarding the suicide case among countries, while another is a old research that had conduct a similar research, which also the 48 countries, published by University of North Carolina Press in 1965. According to one of the journal we found (Quinney, 1965) even though there was no research conducted in Malaysia that time, but still, it enables us to know that a country economic development level will also affect the suicide rate. The other journals, which we found, had found a similar age group that has high frequency to suicide compared to other age group. The high risk group of suicide is 20-30, which is young adult stage (Hayati & Khairul, 2008; Nadesan, 1999; Hendin et al., 2008). These were also two journals, which is research on Malaysia, found out that the most common method people use to suicide is hanging, poisoning and jumping from height (Hayati & Khairul, 2008, Nadesan, 1999). The method of jumping off from height and by poisoning themselves cases had been increased, meanwhile hanging themselves has been decreased compared to two decade ago (Hayati & Khairul, 2008). In order to know more about suicide case in Malaysia, it was necessary to do more research within Malaysia for the factor of suicide, since we cannot deny the fact that media influence nowadays has slowly become one of the most influencing factor that increased suicide, example poisoning case had increased since Indian movie had introduced the way of suicide by consuming seed kernel of yellow oleander plant (Nadesan, 1999). 1.2 Research Question

Our purpose of conducting this research is have a better understanding in study 2 main category group of UTAR students towards suicide cases. We decided to focus in both gender and 3 main races and...
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