Suicide: Males vs Females

Topics: Suicide, Gender, Parasuicide Pages: 4 (1266 words) Published: October 9, 2012
In a recent study a group wanted to figure out “which gender was more successful in committing suicide and which had more attempts.” The group believed that males would be more likely to commit suicide and women would attempt more without success. In order to collect data that was specifically dealing with suicide rates and attempts, the group decided that a survey would be the best form from a wide variety of audiences. The group would also be able to tap into people’s experience and way of thinking about suicide. The Group surveyed both males and females from the Morgan County area. Nine questions were given to the individuals; questions were kept short, simple, and at an appropriate manner in which the individual wouldn’t feel unsettled by answering any questions. Thirty males and thirty females were surveyed and asked the following questions: 1.Gender

3.current stress level
4.How often does suicide cross your mind?
5.Do you believe thinking about suicide is normal?
6.Have you ever tried to commit suicide?
7. If you attempted suicide, what caused you to do so?
8.Do you know of any-one who has committed suicide? If yes what was their gender? 9.If you knew someone who committed suicide, why did they do it? After we collected a total of sixty surveys the group tallied up the results from all nine questions. Females who took the survey ranged between fourteen and sixty-one and males ranged between the ages of sixteen to fifty-eight. When asked about current stress levels males showed to be less stressed compared to women; Men also showed that suicide crosses their mnd more often than women on a weekly basis. The group also asked if the thought of suicide was normal. Almost half of the males think suicidal thoughts are normal as opposed to women who think otherwise. When asked if any of the individuals tried to commit suicide, almost half of the men replied they have at least tried it once; while women have no more than five...
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