Perception Process

Topics: Perception, Sense, Olfaction Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: August 29, 2012
The Perception Process

Perception is the way in which a person sees and understands the world; every person perceives the world in their own way and understanding. Today I am going to summarize the perception process and give you an example using the steps of the perception process. The perception process consists of 4 steps: selection, organization, interpretation, and negotiation. The first step in the perception process is selection. We tend to select what we want to perceive and we tend to select things that attract our attention. There are several things that contribute to our selection process. We use our stimuli to select things that stimulate our needs. The stimuli stimulates through our senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. We tend to select something bright to stimulate our sight sense, something loud to stimulate our sound sense, something fragrant to stimulate our smell sense, something salty or sweet to stimulate our taste sense, and something soft to stimulate our touch sense. The next step in the perception process is organization. The organization process organizes the incoming stimuli (the information selected) so we can understand and make sense out of it. We organize the stimuli based on our experiences; we all organize our stimuli differently. The third step in the perception process is interpretation. In the interpretation step, we attach meaning to the stimuli; we make the stimuli make sense. Our interpretations are very important in our everyday lives; however, they are subjective. The interpretations are based on our values, needs, beliefs, expectations, involvement, self-concepts, knowledge, experiences, attitudes, and other personal factors. The last step in the perception process is negotiation. The negotiation step is where we share our interpretations with others, and try to compromise on a perspective. Because everyone has a different perception of things, they need to be negotiated. Last weekend my daughters and I...
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