Sense of Perception

Topics: Sense, Perception, Mind Pages: 4 (1235 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Sense Perception

Our five senses are important sources of knowledge that actively structure our knowledge about the world rather than passively reflect reality. They are ‘the gates and windows’ of the mind that controls communication between the outside world, and ourselves presenting us with different variety of the world. Using our senses to be aware of things is defined as our Perception. We do not realize that perception plays a bigger role than what it may seem, playing a more active process in our everyday lives.

There are differences in the relative importance we attach For example, the great majority of people would be more willing to give up their sense of smell, and least willing to give up their sight. We adjust ourselves greatly on our vision that we identify it with knowledge. Our smell is sometimes called the mute sense as we have a limited amount of vocabulary to describe a smell in contrast to sight. However, we perhaps take our sense of smell for granted. Our sense of smell has more direct route to our brains than of our other senses. Smells are able to trigger powerful memories as well as how we select our choices in life. This could explain why the perfume industry is worth a significant amount.

According to the theory of Empiricism, all knowledge is based on perceptual experience. The fallibility of perception is significant to issues in the real world. It plays a key role in almost all areas of subject matter such as when an observation is needed to test a validity of a source, eyewitness accounts in history and many others. As mentioned before, perception is a passive and relatively straightforward process, which gives us an accurate picture of reality known as Common sense realism. We trust that our senses must somewhat be a reliable tool, because we have survived so far relying on it.

Perception consists of two elements, sensation and interpretation, but we are often not consciously aware of the concluding element. The...
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