Pepsi Balanced Scorecard

Topics: Strategic management, Strategy map, Balanced scorecard Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: December 3, 2012
1.1.Balance Scorecard
The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofits organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. (Source:

Financial Perspective
PepsiCo has enjoyed a long history of delivering strong financial growth for shareholders with USD 8 billion was returned to shareholder. (Source: PepsiCo Website) 19 brands generating more than USD 1 billion revenue Pepsi is positioned to win in the long term. (Source: Pepsi Annual Report 2010) The underlying performance of Pepsi remained solid despite a challenging macroeconomic environment. A strong performance was delivered by Pepsi with growth in revenues along with increase in net income ensured sustainable performance. For detailed financial analysis please refer section 7 above.

Internal Process Perspective
PepsiCo operates about 100,000 distribution channels and approximately 10 million outlets are regularly served. Major investment in R&D and infrastructure will also be carried out in emerging market in order to sustain long term performance. (Source: PepsiCo Quick Facts) PepsiCo respects humanity`s right to water and other natural resources. That’s why they have invested in research, systems and facilities improvements, all of which lead to decrease waste to landfill, create more sustainable packaging and reduce carbon footprints. PepsiCo was ranked among Fast Company’s 2011 World’s Most Innovative Companies for their commitment to healthy research and development. Frito‐Lay was also honoured in 2010 for the company’s “zero landfill” environmental sustainability goals. (Source: Annual Report 2010, PepsiCo Quick Facts, PepsiCo Strategic Milestones) PepsiCo is investing and taking initiatives to improve and...
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