Financial Analysis

Topics: PepsiCo, Financial ratio, General Electric Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The PepsiCo, Inc.(PEP) was founded in 1965 and is a global food, snack and beverage company that encompasses over 22 brands within Pepsi Cola, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana and Quaker Oats and are a vital player in the beverages and foods industry. Their primary sector is based on consumer goods and the company employs approximately 297,000 people and $60B in revenue. Currently, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PepsiCo is Indra K. Nooyi and its headquarters is located in Purchase, NY. On 19 Oct 2012 PepsiCo closed at $69.88 which went down -0.88 (-1.24%) from the day before. The companies P/E ratio was 18.63 and a D/Y of 3.04. Sales for PepsiCo have continuously increased each year over the last 3 years after a drop in 2008. The stocks for PepsiCo have steadily climbed consistently since April with a recent dip in September and October but nothing extremely significant. The General Electric Company (GE) was founded in 1892 after a merger of Edison Electric Light Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company currently maintaining dominance in the Industrial field and manufacturing major appliances which includes but is not limited to services in aviation by producing engines, lighting, healthcare, oil/gas and rail. GE currently employs approximately over 300,000 people. Currently, the CEO and Chairman of the Board is Jeffrey Immelt and the company was founded in 1898 and its headquarters is located in Fairfield, CT. On 19 Oct 2012 General Electric closed at $22.03 which went down -0.78 (-3.42%) from the day before. The companies P/E ratio was 16.29 and a Dividend Yield of 3.09. The company has a 12.40% return on equity and a 2.00% return on assets. The stocks for GE have steadily climbed consistently since July after a significant drop. In 2011, GE delivered solid results despite the tough economic climate with earnings of $14.8 billion. Industrial cash flow from operating activities for the year remained strong at over $12.1 billion. The Exxon Mobile...
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