People-Oriented Leadership

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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People-oriented leadership (relations-oriented leadership)

People-oriented leadership puts the followers first, the leader focuses on organizing, supporting and develop the followers in their team. Leader and followers share decision-making.( This style always encourages good team spirit and creativity in cooperation. Leaders treat the followers equally. They are often very friendly and kind. They focus on everyone’s welfare. ( Leader allows the followers have their own ideas, questions, discussion and gives the followers some power (Manning&Curtis, 2009). Also, People-oriented leaders are thoughtful, intelligent and attentive. They care about the followers and pay attention to the needs of their followers and try their best to meet those needs (Powell, 1990). In addition, they can create comfortable, friendly work environment and make the followers feel at ease. ( ) It is the opposite of task-oriented leadership. In fact, most leaders all use people-oriented and task-oriented leadership. (

The ethics are that this type of leadership builds active productivity and harmonious environment. In addition, it often leads to higher followers’ satisfaction and fewer personnel problems in most situations. ( ) Also, leader and the followers unite together, make concerted efforts. It will help them get on well, just like friends and make success easier. In addition, the followers are more willing to undertake risks, because they know their leader will inspire them and give chances if they need. (

When to use it? It...
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