Pelton Wheel Performance

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International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 2, Issue 9, September-2011


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Some Aspects of Performance Improvement of
Pelton Wheel Turbine with Reengineered Blade
and Auxiliary Attachments
Suraj Yadav
Abstract- Pelton wheel is the only hydraulic turbine of the impulse type in common use, is named after an American engineer Laste r A Pelton, who contributed much to its development around the year 1880. Therefore this machine is known as Pelton turbine or Pelton wheel. It is an efficient machine particularly suited to high heads, many modifications is being suggested up to now the m ajor modification was near 1903 after that no major modification is being implemented. The author in this paper with his noble and native concept tried to increase the efficiency of the turb ine with the modification in the blade and with some auxiliary attachments which will lead to less wastage of the head and result in better efficiency. Index Terms— Hydraulic turbine, impulse type, reaction type, camber angle, central bucket design, auxiliary attachments, auxiliary bucket design, gear assembly.

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elton wheel turbine is one of the famous turbines which
are mostly used for the hydro plants. This is of impulse
type and is used for high head, although the efficiency of
such turbines are not so comparable with the reaction turbines, because most of the energy is wasted, due to the spli tting of water which is not being utilized and get wasted, due to this efficiency of the turbine is not so as the efficiency of other turbines like axial or reaction turbines. Related to the same context many modifications were suggested for the enhancement of the efficiency but the major change which was adopted or implemented was around 1903 after it there was

no further modification were implemented.
So this work is purely intended to enhance the efficiency of the pelton wheel turbine with the modification in the blade design and some of the auxiliary attachments which ultimately lead
to the enhancement of the efficiency of pelton wheel turbine.

Fig 1,‖ shows the outline of the pelton wheel, down the centre of each bucket, there is a splitter ridge which divides the jet into two equal streams which flow round the smooth inner
surface of the bucket and leaves the bucket with a relative v elocity almost opposite in direction to the original jet. For ma ximum change in momentum of the fluid and hence for the maximum driving force on the wheel, the deflection of the

water jet should be 180. In practice, however, the deflection is limited to about 165 degree so that the water leaving a bucket may not hit the back of the following bucket. Therefore, the camber angle of the buckets is made as 165 degree. Thus we

can’t have the camber angle greater than 165 and up to now no consideration have been taken on the velocity of the out going fluid leaving on the bucket.

In pelton wheel there is large circular disc or wheel on which a number of spoon shaped buckets are spaced uniformly round
is periphery. The wheel is driven by jets of water being discharged at atmospheric pressure from pressure nozzles. The nozzles are mounted so that each directs a jet along a tangent to the circle through the centers of the buckets.


Suraj yadav is currently student of mechanical engineering of batch 08-12, at Government Engineering College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India. PH: +919033405840.Email:

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Fig 1: outline of pelton wheel.

International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 2, Issue 9, September-2011


ISSN 2229-5518

2.1 Present Bucket Design:
The bucket consist of central splitter on which the jet strike and get distributed equally to both the side although it has a laminar path then also the distribution is not so...
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