Peer Evaluation Speech

Topics: Explanation, Thought, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Travel Log Peer Evaluation
I chose to do my peer evaluation on Jessica. Her speech really stood out to me above the others and that is why I chose to do my evaluation on her. Her speech was about her trip to the Rivera Maya. She started her speech with an awesome introduction explaining that the reason for her trip to the Rivera Maya was that she had just got married and was going on her honeymoon. The content of Jessica’s speech was very organized. She explained her trip chronology from the first day she arrived in the Rivera Maya to her last day there. She used clarity throughout her speech but there were a few parts where she stuttered her words. Jessica used a lot of imagery throughout her speech and especially when she talked about her arrival to her hotel. She talked about the look of the hotel and described what she saw when she entered the pool area. But, I think the most descriptive part of her speech was when she described the towels on her bed that were made into swans and surrounded with rose petals on her bed. Jessica had good word choices that caused an “Awww” reaction out of me and a couple other people listening to her speech. She used the words in her conclusion very well so that she left me thinking I wish I could have gone on her trip with her. Jessica’s verbal delivery of her speech was very good. She was fluent throughout her whole speech. She didn’t have any vocalized pauses in the middle of her speech but she did at the beginning and end. I think that her tone was very appropriate for her speech. She was excited when she was explaining her trip so I could tell that it was a place that she actually enjoyed. The rate of Jessica’s speech was a little too fast but I was able to understand her clearly still. She also included transitions when they were necessary to enhance her speech. Jessica had an overall good nonverbal delivery. She used a lot of face expressions that showed how much she liked her trip to the Rivera Maya. She held her note...
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