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Christiaan Respeto
Pedro Almodovar Analysis Paper
Pedro Almodovar is a Spanish director that is arguably the most influential Spanish filmmaker of his generation. He is known for his bold and risky story plots and characters as well as his openness to sexuality. He is very influenced by the underground lifestyles of individuals and peoples sexuality. Almodovar’s influences and history undoubtedly show through his career.

Pedro was born on September 25, 1949 in Calzada de Calatrava, Spain. He lived in poverty as a child with his mother, father, brother, and two sisters. Pedro spent a lot of his time going to a local theater watching movies from all over the world dubbed in Spanish, which was the mark of passion for film. When Pedro was eight he was put into a Catholic boarding school in Caceres, Extremadura, where there was hope that Pedro would become a priest. After his education Pedro decided to move to Madrid against his family’s wishes to pursue his dream of being a film director. Pedro Supported himself working at a Spain national phone company while making short films on the side. Pedro finally gained recognition with his films “Pepi, Luci, Bom” and “Other Girls Like Mom” for their humor and expressive sexuality. Pedro gained international recognition with his film “Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” a movie that was widely accepted for its female centered style.

Almodovar had many influences in his life especially by other film directors such as Luis Bunuel, Rainer Fassbinder, Alfred Hitchcock, John Waters, Ingmar Bergman, Edgar Neville, Federico Fellini, George Cukor, Luis Garcia Berlanga, and Marco Ferreri. He is very influenced of family and deep close relationships between individuals. Pedro is also influenced by sexuality since many of his stories contained characters that are gay, lesbian, trans-gender, and have strong sexual desire. Women also seem to be a big influence in Almodovar’s films since there are strong female leads and...
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