The Alchemist

Topics: Soul, Paulo Coelho, Life Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist: Following your dream is no easy task.

Thesis Statement:

Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist (1988), demonstrates a boy named Santiago following his dream, also known as his “Personal Legend”, and encounters various obstacles, which will convey him to what he will become. The connection made by Paulo Coelho in this manuscript was, all that is around him will eventually assist the effort made by the individual (Santiago). Paulo Coelho reveals many spiritual/religious references tied with the acts and decisions of Santiago, and how they guide him, and how he follows them up to obtain his desired dream.


An old man that he had met in his village awakes Santiago, a young shepherd. Awoken in the sense that this man declared he was a King, and had inspired Santiago to follow his “Personal Legend”, basically, his dream, and had served knowledge to this young fellow. Throughout Santiago’s journeys, good omens had made him pursue his goal. The shepherd encounters various strangers, which help him, willingly or not, to chase his goal. During his quest, he awakes various senses he never had before, such as profound wisdom, communicating with nature, a spiritual connection with God, and the art of Alchemy. Santiago constantly takes life-threatening risks, which are considered challenges in the face of God. Throughout his whole journey, Santiago persistently follows his one and only reason of being, his dream, which is to find the treasure he dreamed of as a shepherd, and throughout his whole adventure, every little detail that crossed him, every lesson that he had been taught, with or without words, the soul of the world that he understood to communicate with, every little detail had defined his true treasure.

Body Essay:

As pointed out, Santiago was a dream chaser, he wanted to discover his “Personal Legend”, what pushed him to do so was a wise old king Melchizedek. The fact that a King would speak to a shepherd is...
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