Pedagogical Rationale

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Pedagogical Rationale
Meeting the needs of students from all ethnicities may prove difficult in New Zealand, where students are from all different areas of the world. But the problem that needs to be faced is the ways in which Teachers can improve successful learning for Maori students. The Principles of best practice will assist Maori students experiencing minor to modest learning and behavioural difficulties. The Strategies of best practice that I have chosen to write about is The Effective Teacher Profile, which contains six elements. The one that I believe helps foster successful learning for Maori students in Ako. Ako is a strategy that promotes interaction between the teacher and the students. It is most effective because the classes are interactive and stimulating for the learners. At the same time, the Teacher is also going through the learning process and can identify with what the learners are going through at the same time. The knowledge that the students gain from this, is that they gain a better relationship with the teacher. Via, helping the Teacher gain a better understanding. Doing this creates more involvement and interaction within the class, leaving for a more memorable experience. Helping them recall the information they have just learnt easier, because they students are learning from a learner. This also means that students can become teachers in the classroom – Helping with pronunciation, their own experiences and getting other students more involved in the class. Ways in which Ako can be used in class rooms are class songs, group activities – where students can communicate amongst each other to create and form their understanding of the topics. Hands on activities also stimulate the students, promoting creativity and helping students stay focused. This is better than having a teacher talk continuously, or students write lines and lines of information without remembering anything because they are not interacting with the information....
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