Peapod: Online Grocery Shopping

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Pea Pod
Behaviors and Comparison
What behaviors are involved in online grocery shopping? How does online grocery shopping compare with traditional shopping in terms of behavioral effort? The behaviors involved in online grocery shopping are information contact, funds access, and transaction. The information contact “…occurs when consumers come into contact with information, either intentionally or accidentally, about products, stores, or brands…” (J. Paul Peter, 2010, p. 195) Funds access or money “…is the primary medium of consumer exchange. The consumer must access this medium in one form or another before an exchange can occur…” (J. Paul Peter, 2010, p. 198) I do not believe that the store contact or the product contact is applicable here since the purchases are being made online and not in a brick and mortar store which would allow the customer to see, touch, and feel the items they wish to purchase. The behavioral efforts found in an online grocery shopping can be described as in an emergency case only. Online shopping is used when the customer does not have enough time to get into the supermarket to shop. Yet the success of Pea Pod relies on these types of customers for the success of their continued business. The behaviors of traditional shopping are information contact, funds access, store contact, product contact, and transaction. What both the online and traditional shopper has in common are the consumption and disposition, and the communication. Consumers

What types of consumers are likely to value online grocery shopping from Peapod? The type of consumers that are likely to value online grocery shopping from Peapod are the busy consumers, women, older people, people without cars (if the stores are not walking distance) and the “dual-income families (that) are strapped for time…” (J. Paul Peter, 2010, p. 209) to name a few. These customers may feel as if they have no time to get into a brick and mortar store. Their careers and quick paced...
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