Peace Journalism Is Incompatible with Achieving the Journalistic Ideal of Objectivity.

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  • Published: July 19, 2013
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Peace Journalism is incompatible with achieving the journalistic ideal of objectivity. Introduction
In the media world we observe that the framing of narratives in conflicts plays a crucial role in politics and in lives of regular people. There is a certain manipulation on the presentation of war and peace in the media. Main question is what media ought to do and what they can do. One of the alternatives is Peace Journalism. This paper will analyse it in the light of the journalistic ideal of objectivity. George Orwell wrote that “history is written by the winners”, and that there is no universally accepted answer just because it is true – in each case there is a great number of incompatible answers and they struggle to be adopted (Orwell, 1944). This statement can be understood that there is no objective truth. Maybe especially when it comes to conflicts there is no objectivity. None the less, this essay will look at the objectivity as a possible practice, mentioning some scholars that oppose this view. On one hand arguments showing that Peace Journalism is objective will be shown, and on the other hand arguments opposing this statement will be presented. As the propaganda model is essential for understanding objectivity in the journalistic practice, one section will be devoted to short analysis of Herman and Chomsky’s theory. But first definition of Peace and War Journalism will be introduced, and a notion of objectivity examined. Peace journalism vs. War Journalism

Peace Journalists claim that conflicts can be exacerbated or ameliorated with the use of media. Lynch and McGoldrick argue that a typical practice of contemporary journalists is War Journalism. According to them such way of reporting exacerbates conflicts, for that reason, they propose a revolutionary alternative to War Journalism. In order to stop violence journalists need to make innovations in the way they report conflicts. One can ask if such approach is objective, but they believe that their...
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