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Personal Development Portfolio

Undergraduate Degree 2011-12

Name ___________Personal development portfolio sample______________________ID______________ Start date 12/02/2013 Course ___________MBA business management_____________________________________________________________

Higher Education Orientation (HEO) Module _______________________________________________________________________________

Employability Module _______________________________________________________________________________

Project (or equivalent) Module _______________________________________________________________________________ Contents

What is a Personal Development Portfolio? 3

Certificate Level

When and how to use this section 4

Start of the course
Personal Details 5
Course Aims 6

Developing Skills and Attributes 7

Curriculum Review and Planning (First Semester) 8 Feedback after HEO module diagnostic assessment 9
Programme Planning for the second semester10
End of first semester results – progression & review11

Curriculum Review and Programme Planning12

Personal Statement13
Progress and review: 14

Intermediate Level

When and how to use this section15
Self assessment: feedback after PDP related assessment16 Skills & Attributes Development: Review of learning & employability17 Curriculum Review and Programme Planning18
Personal Statement19
Progress Review: 20
Developing My CV21

Honours Level

When and how to use this section22
Self Evaluation: Feedback after PDP related assessment23 Review of learning & employability24
Graduation Statement25
What is a Personal Development Portfolio?

This PDP (Personal Development Portfolio) booklet is for those students on Higher Education Orientation (HEO) modules – the one with the ‘H’ in the code - who are directed to use it . This is where you can

• record your personal growth and successes,
• reflect on your achievements,
• state your objectives, and
• plan the actions required to meet them.

It will help you to review and plan your course, prepare effectively for your future career and to provide information about yourself, which will impress future employers.

The PDP is your own responsibility and you own the whole thing. It is provided by the university, as a personal document for you to complete. Your module leader may ask you to use particular parts of this PDP or provide an alternative version.

There will be PDP related tasks and assessments in the HEO module and in the other PDP-related modules of your course (employability and project). If you are a Joint degree student you may have two such modules and, perhaps, more than one PDP to complete.

The PDP will also be useful in your discussions with your Module Tutor and Personal Academic Adviser (PAA). The benefits of maintaining the PDP are that you will • perform better on your course,

• be more likely to obtain a rewarding job, and
• be able to plan your life more effectively.

Each section of the booklet consists of helpful prompts and boxes where you can consider and reflect upon information about yourself, such as • examples of where you have demonstrated that you have used a skill or attribute, • records of supporting evidence, and

• additions to your developing CV.

After reflecting upon these achievements, you should produce an action plan at the end of the section outlining your goals and how you will achieve them in the next year or at the next level. You should do this at Certificate (‘C’), Intermediate (‘I’) and Honours (‘H’) levels, as indicated by the letter C, I or H at the top of each page.

This is a personal booklet and it is your responsibility to keep it up to date. It should be...
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