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Topics: Bone, Muscle, Connective tissue Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Athlete Profile #3
‘Davo Dickson’ was thrown from a bull during his training one afternoon. He was tossed into the steel cattle yards, screaming in agony he clutched his right forearm which clearly showed signs of bone deformity. Davo is in immense pain and has obvious signs of bone deformity; these are all clear symptoms that he has either broken his right forearm, or at the least fractured it. The injury would be identified as a direct hard tissue injury due to the impact his forearm has just gone through and the signs of bone deformity, there would also be signs of soft tissue injury, such as bruising.

The first thing to do so the injury can be managed would be to get Davo out of any danger that may surround him, such as the bull being put away, being moved to a non congested area, and removing any tight clothing Davo may be wearing around the area of his arm, this is all to ensure that no more further injury can happen, and that the injury can be managed appropriately.

Fractures and broken bones are managed through immobilisation of the injured area following DRABCD. Because hard-tissues injuries can be accompanied by significant damage to muscle, blood vessels, surrounding organs, and nerves, immediate medical treatment is required. Immediate management includes: - Immobilise and support the injured site with a splint or sling - Check for impaired circulation and other possible complications - Arrange for transport to hospital and professional medical assessment. - Implement the RICER procedure – if it does not cause pain.

The RICER procedure involves the following:

R= Rest. To ensure further damage it is necessary for Davo to rest his forearm and limit movement involving use of his right forearm. Also avoid putting any weight on his injured forearm I= Ice. Apply an ice pack to Davo’s forearm for 20 minutes every 2 hours, continue to do so for the first 48-72 hours of the injury. Ice cools the tissue and will reduce pain and...
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