Pd Action Plan Assingment

Topics: Teacher, Education, Lesson plan Pages: 5 (1606 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Qatar University
Educational Leadership Master Program
Professional Development Action Plan Assignment
Prepared by :
Zyad Ouda Kiwidr
Under the supervision Of :
Dr. Michael

Every year new graduated teachers join schools . They may have strong academic level , since they have spent a big amount of time studying and reading . While they might need some guidance and assistance to acquaint the essential skills for teaching . This year a newly graduated teacher has joined our school . He has little bit of experience with students. Our coordinator asked me to provide him with help and assistance till he masters the secrets of the trades . I accepted the mission and started working putting a clear instructions ahead . The first thing to do was to provide him with questionnaire to fill determining his needs as an English language teacher . The second thing was to attend a couple of lesson supervising his performance and figuring out his weak points Thirdly was to design a plan covering his needs and weak points .I included time , objectives of the activity , procedures and the type of supervision .It was a good one , as I thought . QUESTIONNAIRE FOR THE IDENTIFICATION OF PROFESSIONAL AND ACADEMIC NEEDS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHERS Teacher's Name : Ahmed Abdulatif Supervisor :Zyad Ouda Item No.| Needs| Degree of Need|

| | Very Necessary| Necessary| Not Necessary|
1. | Awareness of language in the following:| | | | | Syntax| | | √|
2. | Defining objectives & preparing lesson/annual plans| | √| | 3. | Familiarity with the techniques of error analysis| | | √| 4. | Conducting achievement tests according to Table of Specification| √| | | Item No.| Needs| Degree of Need|

| | Very Necessary| Necessary| Not Necessary|
1. | Constructing computer assisted instructional material for some units.| | | √| 2. | Preparing enrichment writing exercises| | | √| 3. | Applying certain techniques to enhance the speaking skill| | | √| 4. | Producing test items based on critical & creative thinking skills| | | √| 5. | Preparing instructional material in terms of:| | | | | Under-achievers needs.| √| | |

| Talented learners needs.| √| | |
1. | Classroom management| √| | |
2. | Applying remedial plans for weak students concerning language skills| | | √| 3. | Conducting extra-curricular activities to promote students proficiency in English(English clubs, School magazine, Open-day).| | | √| 4. | Using instructional games for talented students and low-achievers| √| | | D)Are there any other topics you feel valuable but not mentioned above? Yes , I need to know more about collabartive work activities in Abu Baker School . E) In your experience, what are the areas in which most teachers of English could be more effective than they are now? Using teaching electronic teaching aids .

F) Rank the four skills according to their degree of difficulty for students at Abu Baker Prep. school? (1 = most difficult).


Analysis of the PD needs
First Phase : The teacher had some difficulty in writing well formed objectives derived from SEC standards and the subject content from. Another area also needed development was conducting and designing exams according to the table of specifications .Really it a shortcoming which in needed to be recovered as soon as possible .Preparing materials for low achieving students and the talented students was a stick in the wheel in his teaching career .The most serious weakness point was his classroom management issue.In Qatar , many teachers believe that it is the...
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