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Part 1: Specifications Table (MS Word)

For the selected case study, create a summary of user requirements and a PC Specifications Table in Microsoft Word. This Word document will include a two-paragraph summary that classifies the user type and identifies the PC category(ies) that will be recommended and Word tables that identify and contain the hardware and software requirements to meet the selected case study requirements. Students are expected to conduct external research to adequately address all aspects of the assignment requirements. Any outside sources should be correctly cited in APA style at the end of the table. Students will need to include specific requirements from the case study to show why each item is being recommended. Each element listed below must be incorporated into the assignment – omissions will result in loss of points.

RequirementPoints AllocatedComments
Set normal text to Arial, 12 point.0.25This is the font in normal paragraphs. Heading and title fonts may be a larger size. Title Page which shows title and author's (student's) name.
0.25The title must be, “PC Specification for_[insert user name]” Write a brief 2-paragraph narrative that categorizes the user type, identifies the category of PC (s) required, and summarizes your recommendations.

0.5Two well-written, concise and organized paragraphs not to exceed one-half a page. Create a table that shows the various required hardware components. The table should have all the necessary columns, rows, and column headings to show the following:

Input Devices – Identify each type and show which specific user requirements are met

Output Devices – Identify each type and show which specific user requirements are met

Communication Devices – Identify each type and show which specific user requirements are met

Storage Devices – External (including portable) storage devices and show which specific user requirements are met

Other Peripheral Devices –...
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