Pbl Lesson Plan

Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking Pages: 4 (791 words) Published: July 21, 2012
PBL Lesson Plan

Lesson Title:
You Smoke, You Choke

Lesson Description:
Students will work together in small groups, visiting various websites and cutting out images from magazines and the internet (under adult supervision), to create an anti-smoking collage. These collages will illustrate why children should not smoke, including the dangers of tobacco use.

Grade Level:
3rd grade – 8th grade

Instruction Phase:
Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis

45-60 minutes

Delivery Method:
Small Groups

Materials Needed:
1. Computers
2. Scissors
3. Glue sticks
4. Crayons, markers
5. Poster board
6. Old magazines

• Students will work in small groups in a computer lab or at computer stations available in a classroom (Kolb’s “divergent” learners would get the most out of this section because these types of students learn best when working in groups) • The students will be divided into groups before the start of the activity • Internet access will be needed in order to visit websites and search for advertisements (adult supervision is needed) • Before the students start the activity, the educator would collect and show examples of ads

• Students will be able to
o Identify the dangers of tobacco use
o Illustrate reasons why they should not smoke
Facts and Questions:
• The educator would present a short lecture with information and pictures illustrating what tobacco is, how it is presented through the media and the negative effects it has on their health (Kolb’s assimilating students would learn best in this section of the lesson because they intellectually learn through lectures and questions.) • Lesson Terms

o Addiction is a physical and/or mental need for a drug o A drug is any chemical that changes the way the body works o An inhalant is a poisonous chemical inhaled that changes the way the brain...
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