Patterns in Ancient History

Topics: Muscle contraction, Acetylcholine, Neuromuscular junction Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Name ____Brittany Ciupka_________
Case Studies – Unit #3 – 15 points (part of Exam #3 score) This assignment is due Monday, November 5th by midnight.
-2 points will be deducted for each day it is late.
Reminder : assignment must be submitted via Blackboard. It will not be accepted via e-mail or hard copy. Please let me know if you need a tutorial on how to submit via Blackboard. A 17-year-old male was working vigorously on a summer construction crew building a new section of a freeway. In the intense heat of the day, he began to experience severe pain in the muscles of his limbs. The cramping made his muscles feel like hard knots. The foreman of the crew instructed the young man to drink some salt water he had available and rest a while. 1. What is the cause of the cramping? (2 points)

The man was doing hard work in intense heat. This caused him to sweat, taking sodium out of his body. Sodium is needed to control muscle contraction. Without the necessary amount of sodium, the nervous system isn’t able to send messages to the muscles and calcium will not be released. This results in the muscle not being able to contract and thus, cramping occurs. 2. Why is the ingestion of salt and water beneficial? (2 points) The ingestion of salt is beneficial to complete the muscle contraction. It allows messages to be sent from the motor neuron to the muscle and results in the release of calcium. This creates a muscle contraction. Prior to intubation for a surgical procedure, the anesthesiologist administered a single dose of a neuromuscular blocking agent, succinylcholine, to a 23-year-old male to provide muscular relaxation during surgery and to facilitate the insertion of the endotracheal tube. Following this, the inhalation anesthetic was administered and the surgical procedure completed. 1. Beginning with an impulse from a motor neuron at the neuromuscular junction, describe the normal sequence of events which lead to muscle contraction...
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