Passage Analysis

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Anxiety, Literature Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Chelsea Garcia

Many authors succeed in trying to illustrate their writing and reveal information in the way they write but they don’t say it directly. Some authors succeed by using literary devices and good diction. Shakespeare confirms Juliet’s anxiousness and immaturity by using poetic language such as hyperboles, similes, and allusions.

Through use of skilled writing, Shakespeare demonstrates Juliet’s anxiety to know Romeo’s Response shows that she is too impatient to wait. “The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse “(II.5.1). This shows that Juliet has to be looking at the clock frantically or else she wouldn’t know how long it has been. She mentions time often most probably when she looks at the clock because she is anxious. She uses a hyperbole when talking about the time and how long it is taking for the nurse. She over exaggerates when she says “three hours long, yet she is not come” (II.5.11) she creates a big deal about three hours and goes on to explain how slow the nurse is.

Shakespeare’s use of similes expresses Juliet’s unloving thoughts about the Nurse show that Juliet is not capable of being in a relationship and that she is immaturity. In line 3 she states “Perchance she cannot meet him: that’s not so” (II.5.3) and she expresses her liability in the Nurse. She asks herself if the Nurse wasn’t able to perform the task she has asked of her but quickly dismisses the thought of the Nurse letting her down because she has been so trustworthy. She expects the Nurse to pull through because they are so close but in the next paragraph she calls the Nurse “lame”(II.5.4) and starts insulting her in later paragraphs. She uses a simile calling her “unwieldy, slow, heavy and pale as lead” (II.5.17) and then calls her old. Her incapability to look past herself and not care about others shows that she is not ready for anything serious since she acts like a child.

Juliet is obviously still a child if she makes such a quick decision about...
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