Part Time Jobs

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Part-time employment Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: September 16, 2012
The advantages and disadvantages of working at the part time job while studying at a university?

Today, many students no longer just focus on learning. They participate in part-time job. However, besides these advantages, a part-time jobs also bring many disadvantages.  
- The First Advantage of it: You will earn some money. You can use your earnings to buy things you want, save for the future, pay any expenses you have and help pay your tuition. The more you earn, the less money you might have to take out in student loans. During my first few years of being a college student, I had to cover a huge portion of my tuition costs through borrowing a hefty sum of money while my parents helped cover the rest. Once I started working part-time jobs, I was able to fully fund my education out of my own pocket instead of being required to borrow an additional amount of money.  

- The Second Advantage of it: You will increase your self-esteem. Having a job helps you feel a sense of dignity and worth.  
- The Third Advantage of it: It can have a positive impact on your career. The first way it can do this is it can help you build relevant skills. Another is it can help you enhance your resume and cover letter.  

- The Fourth Advantage of it: It can help you develop your organizational and multi-tasking skills. You will have to get used to holding a job and going to school simultaneously.  
- The Fifth Advantage of it: It will help you have a sense of independence. It is great when you earn your own money while not having to rely on others to give it to you.  
- The First Disadvantage of it: There is a possibility you will have trouble finding time to study. If you have a job, you automatically have less time to do everything you want to.  
- The Second Disadvantage of it: It might interfere with your class schedule, especially if your job is a full-time one. You can help solve this problem by seeking a part-time job that lets you work around your schedule....
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