Parliamentary and Presidential Forms of Government

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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The White House, home of the president of the United States. Egyptian Courts Suspend Parliamentary Elections
Parliamentary System
1. Intimacy between the Executive and the Legislature:
Under this system there is a close relationship between the Executive and the legislature. The members of the Executive, i.e., the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues are also the members of the legislature. They in fact enjoy the support of the majority in the legislature. Thus the Prime Minister and his cabinet can pass, amend or repeal any type of law with the support of subservient majority in the legislature. In this way, the executive and the legislative branches of the Government work in close harmony. The Executive not only runs the administration but also makes law. 2. Responsibility to the legislature:

In this system, the executive is responsible and accountable to the legislature for all its acts of omission and commission. The legislature can remove a cabinet by passing a vote of no-confidence against it whenever it so desires. Moreover, the legislature exercises its control over the executive through interpellation, adjournment motions so on and so forth. 3. Gap between Practice and Theory:

In a Parliamentary System, there is always a gap between law and fact. According to law, all powers of the Government are vested in the Chief Executive head who may be President as in India or Governor General as in Canada or King or Queen as in U.K. In actual fact all his powers are exercised by the Cabinet which is created out of the majority party in the legislature. The Chief Executive head is just an ornamental head or figure head. All real and effective authority is exercised by the Cabinet. The parliament gov is elected by the legislature.

Presidential System
1. Separation between the Executive and the Legislature:
The executive and the legislative branches of the government under the system are separate and independent of each other....
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