Park Mg352 Discussion Week 8

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organization Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: April 8, 2013
I have really enjoyed this class, however, I am not going to lie, every week when we learned about new principles I wanted to take the book to my organization and hit them in the head with it to read. I realize this is not a perfect world but it would be nice for upper management to have the knowledge of management. It is very interesting that when you look at our organization, very few “high ranking” enlisted have degrees, yet all the airmen do, however, airmen are not the ones who have control. This class has opened me up on management within organizations so when I do reach that level I will be well informed.

I have a better understanding of all the topics we went over during the 8 weeks. The fun part I had with each section is placing people with the different ways. For example, when we learned about leading, rewarding, communications, etc. it was fun to match up the different managers/leaders within my organization to the different styles there were to doing things. It helped a lot to put definitions into application.

I would love to advocate change within my organization; in fact I have tried before along with multiple other good leaders. However, the issue comes with chain of command, and those at the highest shut the lower levels down. I can only change things that are within my spectrum, it may be a little, but a little is better than none. So I plan on doing the best to my abilities, and once I get to a level I am allowed to create change for a whole organization, then I plan to do so.

Not to “toot my own horn” per say, but I feel I have always been good with problems and challenges. The key here for me was to read about all the different styles to come to a conclusion for issues. While I may not understand why one person wants to solve or act a certain way, I have to just realize to adapt and overcome.

I wouldn’t say I would approach organizational problems or managers differently but rather accept them more and go in more open minded....
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